What are the different ways to wear the crystal bracelets?

The center beads are adjustable, and can be pulled away from each other to create 3 different looks.

Where are the LoveNow bracelets manufactured?

They are designed in Downtown Los Angeles at the Rhythm Visuals headquarters. The crystals are sourced from Brazil, hand-carved in Hong Kong, and hand-assembled in California.

What are the bracelets made of?

The crystals are high quality Amethyst and Rose Quartz gemstones. The weaved rope is made of polyester, the small beads are brass, and the big beads are stainless steel.

Are the bracelets water-proof?

The crystals are water-proof, and washing your hands with the bracelets on is 100% safe. However we don’t recommend showering with them. This is because constant exposure to water may cause wear and tear on the small beads and rope. You can get away with submerging the bracelets in water occasionally, however consistent water exposure may wear them down over time.

What are the bracelet size dimensions?

They are designed to fit all hand sizes.
Crystal Dimensions: 8x30mm
Bracelet Circumference: 3 inches in diameter
Small Bead Dimensions: 5mm in diameter, 3mm thick
Big Bead Dimensions: 9mm in diameter, 4.5mm thick

What are the health benefits of crystals?

Crystals have been worn by Kings, Queens, and Sages throughout history. They are naturally grown minerals within the Earth, and carry the unique healing frequencies of nature. Each crystal has different properties that compliment your aura (energy field) with positive healing benefits.

This was scientifically proven by Dr. Masuru Emoto who conducted water experiments that show the harmonic effects that crystals have on water. The crystals generate a natural vibration that re-structures water molecules into beautiful geometries. When your cells have a balanced and stable structure, they are more effective at communicating information throughout the physical body. Simply put they make the cells stronger and healthier at a microscopic level.

Since our bodies are primarily made of water molecules, we can all benefit from wearing crystals to increase our overall well being. Our LoveNow bracelets are designed to keep a smooth connection between the crystal and your skin, which is the most ideal way to wear them for maximum benefit. This allows the crystals to give off their natural healing vibration, and create balance within the cells of your body.

*You should never substitute crystals for professional medical treatment when indicated for any condition.


What countries do you ship to?

We are currently shipping to the following countries:
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How do I track my order?

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I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

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Refund Policy

What if I have a change of mind?

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• in saleable condition;
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What is the return tender?

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